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Dr. Wei Liuying from College of Education for the Future Won the 2023 PESA Book Award

Recently, Zehou Li and the Aesthetics of Educational Maturity: A Transcultural Reading ,the monograph written by Dr. Wei Liuying, a teacher at College of Education for the Future,won the 2023 Book Award of The Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA).

The book explores the important works of the famous contemporary Chinese philosopher Li Zehou. By extracting from his thoughts, it elaborates on the unique concept of aesthetics-pedagogy, and further explores the profound connection between this concept and Chinese culture.

This book proposes a delicate thinking path, focusing on the interaction and overlapping between Chinese and Western civilizations, and conducts practical exploration of "philosophy of education" through this perspective, providing valuable academic resources and new research perspectives for related research fields.

Dr. Wei Liuying's award-winning book not only reflects her unremitting pursuit of depth in academic exploration, but also injects new vision and thinking into the field of educational philosophy by integrating cross-cultural perspectives. After winning the award, she received congratulatory messages from fellow scholars from other regions and countries, like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

This award reflects, on the one hand, the professionalism and active participation of young scholars from College of Education for the Future in the field of educational philosophy and their active participation on the international stage. On the other hand, it also marks the achievements in the construction of an independent knowledge system in the field of educational philosophy in China.


The relevant report on PESA official website

PESA, as one of the four major academic organizations of educational philosophy in the world, has continued to expand its international influence since its establishment in 1970. To this day, its member network has been widely distributed around the world, making the Society one of the most dynamic and organizationally influential institutions in the field of educational philosophy. Since 2015, the Society has established the PESA Book Award to recognize outstanding books published by members of the Society and which have an important position in the academic world. To date, this award has been successfully held for ten sessions. Previous winners include world-famous educational philosophers, such as Gert Biesta, Liz Jackson, etc.