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General Information

Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNU Zhuhai) is jointly established by BNU and the Guangdong and Zhuhai governments under the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It provides modern, high-quality teaching and housing facilities in an attractive, tranquil environment, covering over 5,000 mu (333 hectares). It is an ideal place for students to pursue their studies.

BNU Zhuhai aims to educate its students innovatively to serve China’s national development strategies. With the spirit embodied in the motto “Learn, so as to instruct others; Act, to serve as example to all,” it emphasizes training excellent future teachers and educating leading professionals; strives to become a national center for preparing elementary and secondary school teachers; and to lead the reform in the field of teacher training. In July 2020, the university started to set up Leyu College, Huitong College and Zhixing College to better educate different types of personnel.

As for academic establishment, BNU Zhuhai has established the Institute of Advanced Studies in Natural Sciences; the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences; the Belt and Road School; and the College of Education for the Future. These institutes offer sixteen academic disciplines of study, most of which are either BNU’s "double first-class" or National Class A disciplines. A number of national, provincial, or ministerial-level platforms and laboratories are coming to Zhuhai as well.

Adhering to its scientific research, BNU Zhuhai aims to contribute to society by providing academic support for Gunagdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area’s economic and social development. BNU Zhuhai has set up Guangdong’s Teacher Development Center for Primary and Secondary Schools to train teachers and improve education in the province. BNU Zhuhai’s strength in the disciplines of education, art, culture, ecology, and social governance will continue to serve the development of the Greater Bay Area.

BNU Zhuhai attaches great importance to international outreach. By focusing on the frontiers of the world’s STEM, and strategic emerging industries, BNU Zhuhai will integrate international resources to build a globally-renowned institution that excels in education, culture, health, and technology.

As part of BNU’s strategic planning of establishing a world class diversified university, BNU Zhuhai will align with BNU standards, have its own focus and complementary advantages, stay focused on meeting major tasks of the Belt and Road Initiative, help the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area integrate development, and serve local economic as well as social advancements.