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BNU Zhuhai Holds Opening Ceremony for Students of 2021

On the morning of September 8th, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai held an opening ceremony to welcome this year’s undergraduate and postgraduate freshmen. Beijing Normal University President Dong Qi, Vice President of Beijing Normal University and Director of the Administrative Committee of BNU Zhuhai Wang Shoujun and other university leaders were present at the opening ceremony. The ceremony was moderated by Vice President Wang Shoujun.

Opening ceremony

Vice President Wang Shoujun presided over the ceremony

Dong Qi delivered a speech on the topic of " Passing on the Traditions of Revolution and Working hard to Become a Proficient Person ". On behalf of all teachers, students and staff, he extended a warm welcome and congratulations to  the students of 2021.

President Dong Qi delivered the speech

In his remarks, President Dong expressed that in the 119-year history, BNU has made unique and important contributions to our country by always adhering to the original mission of providing education for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and cultivating talents for the country.

He urged the students that as participants of the development of Zhuhai Campus, they should carry forward the great spirit of party building, pass on the traditions of revolution of Beijing Normal University, and study with perseverance and persistence to be more proficient, trying to create a wonderful life at BNU Zhuhai.

Professor Zhu Xiaojian from the School of Arts shared his three thoughts on the fine tradition of Beijing Normal University, hoping students cherish their college life and become a person with ideals, beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge and heart of benevolence.

Professor Zhu Xiaojian from the School of Arts made a speech as a representative of the teachers

Yang Wenjing, a student of 2019 of the Huitong College majoring in bioscience, spoke as a representative of the senior students. She said that as a student of BNU, we would set goals and make plans, try boldly and break through past hindrances, then bravely pursue a better version of ourselves.

Yang Wenjing made a speech as a representative of the senior students

Yang Qing, a student of 2021 majoring in Ideological and Political Education of Leyu College, spoke as a representative of undergraduate freshmen. As a freshman of the Targeted Teacher Training Plan of Beijing Normal University, he hoped to repay his hometown and serve the motherland together with his classmates, carrying out the spirit of  the school motto of " Learn, so as to instruct others. Act, to serve as example to all."

Yang Qing made a speech as a representative of the undergraduate freshmen

Zeng Biao, a doctoral candidate from China Basic Education Quality Monitoring Collaborative Innovation Center, made a speech as the representative of the new graduate students. He encouraged everyone to shoulder the responsibilities of the times, live up to the mission of youth, and devote the youth to the motherland.


Zeng Biao made a speech as the representative of the new graduate students

In this academic year, 2,930 undergraduate students, graduate students and doctoral students are embarking on a new journey at BNU Zhuhai. Adopting anti-epidemic prevention and control measures, BNU Zhuhai held the opening ceremony in a hybrid online and offline format, which was highly appreciated by teachers, students, their relatives, friends and the public.