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BNU Zhuhai Held Activity of "Colorful Zhuhai · Appreciating the Culture"

On March 5, the International Office and Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of BNU Zhuhai organized a special activity named "Colorful Zhuhai · Appreciating the Culture " to help non-Chinese mainland faculty to experience the history, culture and the vibrant life of Zhuhai. More than 30 scholars attended the activity.

Non-Chinese mainland faculty visited Zhuhai Planning Exhibition Hall

The group first visited Zhuhai Museum and Zhuhai Planning Exhibition Hall, which are two important places in Zhuhai's major cultural projects of "One Opera House and Two Museums" ( Zhuhai Grand Theater, Zhuhai Museum and Zhuhai Planning Exhibition Hall ). The scholars visited displays of "History of Zhuhai", "Traditional art and Folk culture" as the professional docents guided them. They listened to the introduction of Zhuhai's history, urban changes and local customs, and learned about the stories behind each exhibit, tasting the unique charm of Zhuhai. The faculty group also visited the exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Zhuhai as a special economic zone. They were greatly impressed by the tremendous achievements of the city in various fields over the past 40 years since its establishment.

Non-Chinese mainland faculty visited Zhuhai Museum

Afterwards, the group went to the Dream Factory of Free Cloud Art Co.,Ltd in Qianwu Town, Doumen District. With oil painting as the theme, the Free Cloud Art Park highlighted the unique charm of art everywhere through landscape creation and environment restructuring. The scholars visited Free Cloud Gallery, the 5D Famous Paintings Lane and the Oil Painting Dream Factory. They unanimously spoke highly of the creativity and art shown everywhere in the park. The scholars also attended the DIY course of colouring a bear model, and praised the aesthetic orientation and pursuit of Free Cloud Art — to popularize, spread and nurture beauty, and to enhance the humanistic qualities of students through aesthetic education.

Non-Chinese mainland faculty visited the Dream Factory of Free Cloud Art Co.,Ltd

Non-Chinese mainland faculty attended the DIY course of colouring a bear model

The visit not only unveiled a vivid picture of development history and cultural industry of Zhuhai to all the visitors, but also promoted cultural exchange and cultural understanding between China and the other parts of the world. This activity helped international scholars and scholars from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to understand Chinese mainland better, with Zhuhai as a representative, and to experience the exchange and integration of Chinese and Western cultures. It also helps to promote Zhuhai's history and culture, which contributes to the shaping of the humanistic spirit of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.