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Professors Jia Weijia, Wang Qingguo, and Wang Tian Selected as the Best Scientists

    Recently, Research.com released the ranking of the world's Best Scientists in 2024, and three professors from the Institute of AI and Future Networks of Advanced Institute of Natural Sciences based on Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai were selected. In the field of computer science, Jia Weijia ranks 2153 globally and 208 in China; Wang Tian ranks 3562 globally and 348 in China. In the field of electronics and electrical engineering, Jia Weijia ranks 1,469 globally and 182 in China; Wang Qingguo ranks 515 globally and 1 in South Africa; and Wang Tian ranks 1,468 globally and 181 in China.

    Research.com, one of the world's leading academic research portals, has provided reliable data on scientific contributions since 2014. It was formerly known as Guide2Research and has been renamed Research.com since February 2022. It releases the ranking of the best scientists every year. The ranking is based on the D-Index (subject H-Index) indicator, and the selection criteria are top scientists with a D-Index of academic publications in a certain subject field of at least 30.

    In the electronics and electrical engineering field, its rankings were established through a thorough analysis of 166,880 scientists identified from various bibliometric data sources. There are as many as 28,549 researchers in the electronics and electrical engineering field.