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International Students of BNU Zhuhai Visited Zhuhai Science and Technology Innovation Product (Xiangzhou) Trade Fair

On the first day of the May Day holiday, the Zhuhai Science and Technology Innovation Product (Xiangzhou) Trade Fair kicked off on the first floor of the Zhuhai Planning Exhibition Hall. Hundreds of scientific and technological products from more than 20 enterprises in Xiangzhou District were on display. On the morning of May 2nd, the International Office of BNU Zhuhai organized international students to participate in this grand event.

The international students were deeply impressed by the various products. They stopped at each booth to experience the exhibited products and listened carefully to the detailed explanation elaborated by the booth staff.

After the visit, international students all agreed that it was a rewarding experience. Kapilya Reagan from Zambia marveled at the naked eye 3D photo frame at the show; Babar Abdullah from Pakistan showed great interest in a smart flower pot that can water plants automatically. Siddique Abu Bakar from Bangladesh exclaimed that these innovative products combining practicality and technology were impressive, allowing them to appreciate the charm of "Made in Zhuhai" and deepen their understanding of Zhuhai from different aspects. They hope to get more involved in such activities to enrich their extracurricular life, stimulate their enthusiasm for innovation, and help their professional development.