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Proud of Romana Akhter, a BNUer who demonstrated remarkable bravery and compassion by saving a drowning boy's life without hesitation

On April 26th, Romana Akhter, an international student from Bangladesh at the Belt and Road School of Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNU Zhuhai), was approved as the good Samaritan by the Zhuhai Brave Action Committee. In the critical moment when a young boy nearly drowned, she bravely intervened and saved the boy. 

On February 20, 2024, at 6 p.m., Romana was on the dormitory balcony when she heard a child crying from a distance. She leaned out and saw a boy who had accidentally fallen into the waterscape pool with only one hand above the pool, accompanied by a little girl attempting to save him.

The situation was critical, and without hesitation, Romana immediately rushed out of the dormitory and ran from the fourth floor to the incident to rescue the little boy.

With the assistance of the cafeteria manager, the witnesses, and some teachers, Ms. Ma , the little boy's mother , finally found Romana, who rescued the little boy but refused to leave her name behind. Ms. Ma presented a pennant as a token of appreciation to Romana with the inscription “Promote positive energy of society, act bravely for justice”

Mrs. Ma (left) presented a pennant to Ms. Romana (right)

Romana recalled the experience of rescuing the child. " I understand that rescuing someone from the water can involve lots of risk. At that moment, all I could think of was to rescue the little boy regardless of my fears . I have always been inclined to help people whenever I can, in my little way.”

Soon after, Ms. Ma left Zhuhai with her son but could never forget that Romana saved her child at a critical moment. She penned a letter of thanks to express her gratitude to BNU.

A letter of appreciation Mrs. Ma delivered to BNU Zhuhai

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to this beautiful girl who acted bravely for a just cause, to the university that cultivates such an outstanding youth of integrity, kindness, and bravery, Romana Akhter.” she stated that in the letter of appreciation.

Romana's heroic deed got the attention of the local media

It’s not the first time that Romana has given a helping hand to others. She has helped a lot of people in Bangladesh. “Whenever I encounter such situations, fear doesn’t deter me. Instead, I feel an inner calling to save the person at any cost.” Romana remarked. She also affirmed her commitment to respond similarly in the future and expressed her willingness to aid others, even in minor matters.

Romana in Beijing Normal University

In September 2022, Romana enrolled in the Belt and Road School and began her studies at BNU Zhuhai. As a full-scholarship student of the Belt and Road School, she considers herself fortunate to receive high-quality education and support, believing “It has been a significant and fulfilling choice in my life.”

When asked about her decision to travel across the ocean and choose to study in China,Ms. Romana responded as follow; She had always aspired to be educated in a top-notch environment that could meet her academic needs. China's increasing integration into the world economy and its remarkable economic growth contributed to her decision to embark on this significant journey. She also noted China’s remarkable progress in research during her master's degree studies.

Furthermore, Romana spoke about her choice to study at BNU Zhuhai. Firstly, BNU is a top-ranking university in China. As an international student seeking to pursue her studies in China, the reputation was highly appealing to her. Adding that, the favorable environment of BNU attracted her. “One of the aspects that I greatly appreciate about the Zhuhai Campus is its proximity to nature.”What’s more, the weather in Zhuhai is similar to that in Romana's home country, which made the transition and adjustment more comfortable for her.

Romana (right) and her mentor Pompeo (left), the foreign professor at BNU Zhuhai

When discussing her journey as a graduate student at the school, Romana mentioned that she has acquired extensive knowledge in various business courses as a student in the Belt and Road School. She appreciated the opportunity to learn from esteemed foreign professors, former prime ministers, and Chinese professors, which greatly enhanced her understanding of business concepts and practices. In addition, the Belt and Road School has provided her with a more comprehensive understanding of China's Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative. Through specialized courses and activities, she gained a deeper understanding of China's economic development strategies and international cooperation achievements.

“One of the remarkable aspects of studying at the Belt and Road School is the emphasis on experiential learning and cultural immersion.” When she shared her learnings, Romana said that the various trips and activities organized by BNU Zhuhai allowed her to explore different provinces in China. For example, she has ever visited the Red Flag Canal in China and participated in the Weifang International Kite Festival. These experiences enriched her understanding of China's diverse cultures and traditions, contributed to her personal growth, and broadened her global perspective. Overall, Romana found her time at Belt and Road School of BNU Zhuhai has been remarkably rewarding.

Romana is giving a  presentation 

Romana, an MBA student in this program has completed broad courses, including theoretical courses, such as Macroeconomics, Financial Management, Marketing, and Production and Operations, and specialized courses such as China Belt and Road Leadership, China Greater Bay Area, Basic Chinese, and China Social Economic Survey. These courses have given valuable insight into China’s economic development strategies, regional dynamics, language, and socio-economic factors.

In addition to theoretical courses, Ms. Romana has integrated theory with practice, for instance, practical management has equipped her to gain rich experience by visiting and interacting with six different companies, which helped her apply her theoretical knowledge to real-world business settings.

Romana visited the Kite Festival

One of Romana’s hobbies is exploring.“I love to explore new places, engage with people from different cultures, and expand my understanding of the world.” Traveling provides her with opportunities to make connections and learn from different perspectives. In addition, Romana enjoys listening to music and has a passion for traditional dance.

Since arriving in China, Romana has actively participated in various activities organized by the school, communicating and interacting with students from different countries. She talks about the friends she has made from different countries and the friendships she has built with many Chinese students through various activities. She believes that “it has been a wonderful experience sharing our respective cultures”.

Romana took part in the sports meeting in BNU Zhuhai

According to Romana, since she came to China, all the activities that she has participated in have been fun and interesting. For instance, the just-ended sporting activities were impressive.This year,Romana was a part of the organizing committee for the Belt and Road School Games. “It was a great experience for me to be involved in planning and coordinating the event,” Romana said.

Romana delivered a speech at the Global Education Conference

Moreover, Romana has also delivered a speech at the Global Education Conference in Nanjing as the representative of Beijing Normal University. When talking about the experience, she said she was honored to represent the school and show the achievements of her classmates, which has been a rewarding part of her journey as a student.

Romana participated in the Worldwide Partner Conference

Speaking about her plans, Romana expressed her aspiration to pursue a Ph. D. program in China. She will also explore her future research and make a valuable contribution to her chosen field.