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"International Volunteer Service Team into Schools" Voluntary Activity Held

In order to practice and carry forward Lei Feng Spirit and fully encourage international students to actively participate in volunteer activities and serve community, on the afternoon of October 24, the International Office, Phoenix School and Belt and Road School(BRS) jointly organized a voluntary activity titled as "International Volunteer Team into School."  Eight international students of BRS from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Ethiopia, Morocco and Liberia formed as a football assistant coach team of International Student Volunteers at BNU Zhuhai , visited Jinfeng Primary School to carry out volunteer activities, giving students a unique football training class.

The students of Jinfeng Primary School were very excited about the arrival of the "international assistant coach".  Before the training began, the assistant coach led the players to do pre-exercise stretching and warm-up running. According to the characteristics of different age groups, the assistant coaches carried out a series of activities such as dribbling run, team relay dribbling and team competition to ensure that the training was carried out in order.  During the training, assistant coaches had a friendly face-to-face communication with the students and they taught through lively activities, making the class full of fun."



After the event, international students shared their feelings about the activity. Franklin Ocquaye Attey from Ghana expressed his excitement of joining in the voluntary work for the first time, "Spending time with children makes me feel fun."  Lenox Emmanuel Elton Carew from Sierra Leone said, "We have football programs in my country, but the difference here is mainly the frequency of training. Students here have football lessons once a week, and we only play football in sports meetings." Franklyn Thomas Pratt from Sierra Leone heaped praise upon the PE education in China,“Chinese basic education is impressive.  I was made to realize that one can be in school and also try to work on his or her skills. The kids were given the platform to either play a sports of their choice or instruments they are interested in which guidance was provided. My PE teacher always says this Latin sentence “Mens sana in corpore sano” - a healthy mind in a healthy body. In such setting, the result you’ll get at the end will be nothing less than being the best. Such system should be copied.”

After immersive participation in this activity, all of the members agreed that the activity was meaningful and fruitful that they enjoyed the process of friendly interaction with the students and have started to  looking forward to the next volunteer activity.

Jinfeng Primary School is the first Volunteer Service Base of International Volunteer Service Team at BNU Zhuhai. The voluntary  activity is not only a vivid practice of the Service Team that participated in volunteer activities, but also an innovative exploration of international students' national conditions education. In such a warm autumn sunny day, the footsteps of the young international volunteers who chased "Lei Feng Spirit" was not going to stop that they would continue to devote themselves to volunteer services, and interpret the connotation of the great "Lei Feng Spirit" with practical actions.

Since its establishment, the Service Team has always upheld the great " Lei Feng Spirit", written the Lei Feng stories in the new era with practical actions, actively participated in various volunteer services and service teachers and students of schools, promoted the publicity of Zhuhai, and made suggestions for the introduction of international talents and provided services for schools and society.  Meanwhile, the international volunteers not only have strengthened their sense of identity and belonging to Chinese culture, but also experienced the rapid development of China's social economy and gained the friendship and warmth from the Chinese people while participating in the activities.