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2020-2021 International student cultural exchange activities officially launched

On October 30, 2020-2021 international student cultural exchange activities were successfully launched on the 2nd Floor of Li Shen Xuan (Student Learning Center). In attendance were Mr. Li Nan, Director of Student Affairs Office, Mr. Zheng Nanyang, Deputy Director of Publicity Department and Director of News Center, Ms. Tian Feifei, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Ms. Fan Yongmei, Senior Officer in charge of Graduate Studies, the Provost Office, Ms. Zhan Mowen, Director of Teaching Affairs Office, the Belt & Road School, Ms. Guo Kanjun, Director of International Office and Ms. Qiu Yue, Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, BNUZ. Over 60 Chinese and international students participated in the event which was hosted by Yang Xue.


The program commenced at 9 a.m. with a welcome speech from the host. After that, a short video was played to introduce the 2020-2021 international student cultural exchange activities. The project comprises three main activities namely Experiencing China, Exploring the World, and Fenghuang Ambassador. The students and guests present at the event expressed their expectations for the initiative.


Afterwards, seven guests lightened the launching ball and announced the opening of project.

At the event, four international student representatives of BRS, Imran, Aikins, Elisa and Foday were appointed as Fenghuang Ambassador and awarded Ambassador Badges and Letters of Appointment. They are expected to play very important roles in international publicity and promotion of BNU Zhuhai.


International student activities are very significant as they can serve as a catalyst to enhance the international atmosphere of BNU Zhuhai. In the coming months, the International Office will organize various international student cultural exchange activities based on these three brand projects, creating an integrated international campus atmosphere. It will also endeavor to promote international cultural exchanges and cooperation of other forms, providing platforms and channels to broaden international vision for both Chinese and international students.