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International Students from BNU Zhuhai Actively Participated in the Volunteer Work of the 6th China Education Innovation Expo

The 6th China Education Innovation Expo (CEIE) was held from November 18th to 21st at Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The expo showcased more than 2,200 outstanding educational innovations from both domestic and international contributors across five major exhibition halls. Over 650 domestic and international students from Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNU Zhuhai), enthusiastically participated in volunteer activities.

Within the volunteer team, twelve international friends, including Fan Qiuheng, Wu Xue'er, Xiao Shifangcao, Fan Shifangcao, Pei Mingrong, Md RezoanAnahmed, Rahmani Achraf, Carew Emmanuel Lenoxelton, Nguyen Phuong Thao, Do Thi Duyen, Mouatamid Hajar, and Romana Akhter, demonstrated a high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. They actively provided volunteer services to on-site audience, earning the affectionate nickname “International Volunteer” with Lei Feng Spirit, a symbol of selfless dedication in Chinese culture.

The “International Volunteers” were actively engaged throughout the expo, contributing their efforts to the smooth operation of the event. Despite some communication challenges, they eagerly fulfilled their roles, whether it was transporting materials, distributing items, guiding crowds, or addressing questions from the audience.

The prosperity and progress of Chinese society, coupled with its open and inclusive culture, attracted the “International Volunteers” to engage in volunteer services and social practices. MouatamidHajarshared that China's helpful culture aligned well with her own values; she enjoyed helping others and hoped to actively participate in volunteer activities to deepen her understanding of Chinese culture and integrate better into Chinese society. Md RezoanAnahmed said, “I came to this event to meet a lot of famous teachers and other students. I have participated in a lot of activities in school, but I want to meet more people outside the school through this activity. Learning about Chinese culture is another reason why I came to participate in the event.”

The diverse activities at BNU inspired curiosity and exploration among the“International Volunteers” regarding the culture of a foreign land. Vu Tuyet Nhi, when asked about her motivation to participate in the volunteer work at the expo, mentioned her curiosity, for she had never engaged in such activities in Vietnam. Lenox Emmanuel Carew said with excitement, “I’ve got a lot of experience. And I’m so grateful for that, because I’ve never been a volunteer before.”

In the rich educational and scholarly atmosphere at Beijing Normal University, the expo held boundless appeal for any student passionate about education. Nguyen Phuong Thao told us, “I’m quite interested in education. When my teacher invited me to join this expo, I just said ‘yes’.” Pei Mingrong expressed a desire, that through the expo, she would gain a firsthand understanding of China’s education, make friends with like-minded individuals, and learn beyond textbooks.

The “International Volunteers” diligently worked at their positions, actively sharing their feelings about participating in volunteer activities. “I met a student from Shaanxi who enthusiastically introduced me to the culture of Shaanxi, including some local specialties and customs,” exclaimed Wu Xue'er. She found the communication with Chinese students to be warm and interesting. “The performers looked very young, but their performances were exceptionally brilliant,” she added. The vibrant and diverse programs at the Beijing Normal University exhibition area also pleasantly surprised the “International Volunteers”.

“Some Chinese will come, and they’ll find it so surprising to see foreigners in the booth. Well, at least after I’ve been asked, we’ll tell them where to go. And they felt so pleased. That’s so impressive and interesting,” said Carew Emmanuel Lenox Elton and other international students. The interaction and communication between Chinese and foreign friends left a deep impression on him.

The “International Volunteers” gained a lot from this volunteer activity. Nguyen Phuong Thao expressed, “my greatest gain from this event is the improvement of my social skills, which has made me more confident.” Fan Shifangcao believed that continuous communication with others improved her expression abilities and boosted her confidence.

“Through this activity, I gained insights into many advantages and innovations in Chinese education, which have greatly contributed to my professional learning and career development,” said Fan Qiuheng. In their spare time, the “International Volunteers” curiously explored the expo, experiencing the vibrant development and understanding the remarkable achievements in Chinese education. Xiao Shifangcao, in the process of volunteering, met an outstanding Chinese principal and felt the unique charm of a principal as an educator, deepening her interest in Chinese education. Romana Akhter stated, “this is the first time I’ve joined an education expo, and this expo is sponsored by my university. I really feel proud of it, and I’m really excited to join here.”

The “International Volunteers” said, “the schoolmates I volunteered with were all very friendly and enthusiastic. We helped each other and learned a lot together.” They appreciated and admired their schoolmates from Beijing Normal University. Meanwhile, they extended their best wishes for the successful continuation of the expo and the continuous improvement of Beijing Normal University.

At the expo, international faces graced the venue, experiencing the development of Chinese education. Participating in volunteer service activities, they strengthened their social, expressive, and coordination skills through practical exercises, witnessing Sino-foreign friendship and deepening cultural exchanges. They have become a beautiful landscape at the expo.