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All you need is these four books to read through BNU Zhuhai

Have you ever thought that BNU Zhuhai is actually a library? This library has a rich collection and all sorts of books, from landscape pictures to daily delicious food. Here you can always find exactly the book you want. Now, let the administrator, Zhuzhu, introduce you guys to the top four books on the borrowing list!

Hi there, I'm the administrator, Zhuzhu!

Today, let me show you the four most popular books in our library. Each book represents a landscape, a taste, a story, and an impression.

Beautiful Scenery Album of BNU Zhuhai

Book Introduction:

If life in BNU Zhuhai is a picture album, 

then the scenery on every page, 

from early morning to sunset, 

from hot summer to refreshing winter, is worth remembering.

I always say, here is my Garden of Eden.

I walked on a deserted road, 

back and forth several times, 

rosy sky, sea blue wilderness, 

with a purple rabbit smiling at the end of the road.

——Jimmy,Dear colorful rocking horse

I can hear the sound of the sunset—

Like the quiet whispers of fallen leaves and the subtle breath of trees

Together with the soft mutter of the bench:

"Tenderness is always eternal."

Sea blue glass ladder

All the way straight to the sky city

Sometimes I turn away from the busy schedule and look up

Just to say hi to the clouds thousands of meters above

Frost wrote:

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood."

And I know that no matter which one you choose

There will be emerald green trees to block the scorching sun along the way

I catch a glimpse of the shadow sprinkled on the road:

Flower shadow, tree shade and a beam of daylight

Cluttered farraginous

Like you come across my sensitive heart

The warm orange color swaying in the night

Heals the exhaustion of the day

——There radiates lights and exudes laughter and joy

That is the home I am attached to

Take a little honey from the palm of my hand

A tiny sun

To comfort your heart

—— Jorges Luis Borges Take a little honey from the palm of my hand

Walk into the BNU Zhuhai library

Some people indulge in the landscape of the valley and can’t stop admiring it

Some people have already picked up the gourmet food guide book

Wondering what to eat for dinner

Book introduction: 

No matter where you are, remember to have a nice meal~ 

The gourmet manual co-produced by the three major canteens covers all kinds of dishes. 

The students who borrow the book most often are usually those who love life and delicious food.

Live for love and love for food.

Whether it is spring and summer or autumn and winter

Pepper is always the small flame that ignites the ardor of heart

The moment you bite

You can feel the taste buds cheering loudly

There are also highly compatible partners in food

Such as the inseparable pork floss and salad dressing

Buy two purple rice balls

One for you, one for me

No matter if you are immersed in studying

Or bustling about

No one at BNU Zhuhai

Can say no to a bowl of hot noodles

The sauce slowly seeps into the rice

Realize the ultimate fusion in the mouth

Suddenly I want to be a plate of white rice

Like the sea into which all the rivers run, inclusive of all

Accomplish the most delicious self

How many colors do the taro balls have today?

Hurry up to clean up the ice cream

before it melts

It's the little luck that sweetness brings

That heals us everyday

Different from other libraries

The BNU Zhuhai Library also has

Unique 4D books

Cute creature version of the classic of Mountains and Rivers at BNUZ Zhuhai

Book introduction: 

This book mainly shares with readers the cute animals that lead an  active life on campus. 

As we all know, BNU Zhuhai is also a natural zoo: 

the cats around the dormitory,

the butterflies flittering in the flowers, 

and the bird stars who are always encountered by chance...

between the mountains and the sea, 

these little creatures compete for who is the cutest.


Sunddenly I look back by chance, just find myself surrouned by the kittens.

These kittens live in Yanhua and Jinghua. 

Having a shape similar to young tigers, 

some of them have a white belly with yellow back, 

others have gray backs with brown feet, 

each with different patterns and colors.

They have a lazy temperament and often sleep in the shade. 

Sometimes move alone, 

sometimes in groups of three to five. 

How unpredictable!

Even though with a frightful appearance, 

they become docile when they meet people, 

and begin to meow softly and gently.

Their paw prints are like plum blossoms, 

enabling them to walk on the ground without leaving a trace; 

their claw tips are like thin hooks, 

allowing them to jump over the grass and trees without being heard.

Black young birds are common to be seen near Lize and Le Yu lake. 

They have crow-like beaks and two slender legs.

 Looking eagerly, it is waiting for its best friend.

Ancient sages examine themselves on three counts every day

The classmates today also examine themselves every day

Don't stop for the cute animals on the side of the road

Grab the textbook

Let’s go to the seminar room

BNUZ Model Textbook

Book introduction: 

“Learn, so as to instruct others, act, to serve as example to all.” 

The author who keeps in mind the school motto writes a textbook which belong exclusively to the students of BNUZ and covers almost 24 hours of campus life.

Today is another beautiful day!

Chapter 1: Line up for electric shuttles

Have good preparation for sunlight or rain protection

Please don’t jump in line or grab seats

Say thank you to the classmates who help pass the card

Chapter 2: Curriculum in the teaching building

Fix on the book and remember that knowledge is power!

I definitely will command the knowledge points of this class!

Chapter 3: Self-study at the library

The sun by the window is peeking at the hardworking people


You have gained a sense of accomplishment this day

And the brilliance given by the sun

Chapter 4: Have a good meal

What food is to people is what steel is to iron.

Take care of your life and yourself

Enjoy food and life

It's really the best thing of the day

To sleep with the moon over the Phoenix Valley

Good night, student of BNU Zhuhai!