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The book which is a treasure trove of information on life in BNU at Zhuhai

★To Newcomers of BNU★

Newcomers who come to the Zhuhai campus of Beijing Normal University,

When you see the university name stone,

Welcome to the Zhuhai campus of Beijing Normal University!

Here you will start the long-awaited university life,

For everyone to better adapt to university life,

The Official WeChat Account of BNU at Zhuhai has prepared a must-see life guidebook for everyone.

Come and check it out!

As the most beautiful valley university in Asia,

The area of the school is also quite large.

Therefore, as a freshman,

This campus map must be put away~

Let’s take a look at the beautiful campus buildings via the electric shuttle.

Electric shuttle operating hours

7:00 a.m.-10:30 p.m.


Route from Haihua Garden Three

Haihua Garden Three - Student Canteen Three - Lize Building North - Muduo Building- Hongwen Building -Yuanbai Building - Leyu Building - Library - University name stone - Hongwen Building - Lize Building South - Haihua Garden One - Haihua Garden Two - Haihua Garden Three

Route from Student Canteen Three

Student Canteen Three - Lize Building North - Muduo Building - Hongwen Building -Yuanbai Building - Leyu Building - Library - University name stone - Hongwen Building - Lize Building South - Student Canteen Three

Route to International Communication Center

Student Canteen Three - Lize Building - Muduo Building - Hongwen Building - Yuanbai Building - Behind the Library - Go straight - Football pitch beside International Communication Center - International Communication Center

Teaching buildings

Lijiao Building

Lijiao Building is located next to the Sports Road where it is covered with sunlight. Lijiao has a total construction area of 41,877.70 square meters, a total of 74 classrooms, 5,531 seats, 23 laboratories, various offices, activity rooms, etc. It has powerful functions, integrating classrooms, auditoriums, academic lecture halls, and VIP lounges. After being renovated, it can now better meet the needs of students. It is a teaching building with a Hong Kong flavor and the location of the College of Education for the Future.

Liyun Building

Liyun Building is one of the main teaching buildings of the school. It is divided into Zone A and Zone B, each with four floors. Many professional and elective courses of the school and large-scale activities are carried out here.


The library has a total construction area of 32,884 square meters, with a collection of more than 1.3 million Chinese and foreign paper books and more than 2 million Chinese and foreign electronic books. Now it has subscribed to more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign paper newspapers and periodicals, and more than 70 Chinese and foreign databases, covering about 20,000 Chinese and foreign periodicals. The library has 7 printed literature reading rooms, 1 multimedia reading room, 5 general seminar rooms, 1 audio-visual seminar room and multiple open seminar spaces, which can provide readers with open loan, reading, audio-visual, internet access, study seminars, training, as well as information and various technical services. The library has 3,500 reading seats and is open for 98 hours a week. The computers and audio-visual equipment in the library are all freely available to students.A campus card is required to enter the library. It is said that this year has realized the full sharing of resources with the library on Beijing campus. Let’s look forward to it!

Leyu Building

Leyu Building is the teaching building at the end of the school, far away from the dormitory areas such as Haihua Garden and Jinghua Garden. The National Mandarin Proficiency Test is also conducted here.

Yuanbai Building

Yuanbai Building has a great sense of design. There are red stairs connecting various areas inside. The outer walls are painted in a minimalist gray and white. There are many personal graffiti on the top floor. It has gone viral and been frequented by many students who come here to take pictures.

Hongwen Building

Hongwen Building is also one of the main teaching buildings of the school. It is a fixed place for college English courses. Many optional courses are also taught here.

Muduo Building

Muduo Building has a very distinctive circular construction with a large area. Because of its unique design, the roads inside are relatively winding. If there are students whose courses are arranged in Muduo Building, it is recommended to find the classroom in advance. Moreover, the National Computer Rank Examination takes the test here.

Jinsheng Building

Jinsheng Building is equipped with many computer classrooms and physics and chemistry laboratories. The computer-based examination of mental health of college students is conducted here.

Lize Building

Lize Building is also one of the school’s main teaching buildings. It is the closest one to Haihua Garden. It only takes about five minutes to walk from Haihua Garden 1 or 2 to Lize Building. Many student clubs and organizations choose a classroom in Lize Building as a place for their regular meetings.

Nanxi Garden

Located on Sports Road, Nanxi Garden is one of the closest teaching buildings to the dormitory of Yuehua Garden. The wall is fresh and transparent pink. From the outside, Nanxi Garden has a unique style and a more natural elegance.

Sport Stadium

This arena, which looks exactly like a tortoise shell, has a friendly nickname called “Turtle Shell”, which carries the sweat of every sportsman. There are badminton courts, table tennis courts, and basketball courts on the first floor, and a 300-meter plastic track on the second floor. Most of the physical education classes and sports competitions are held here.

School canteens

Student Canteen One

Student Canteen One is located directly opposite the university name stone and can be reached by crossing Jinfeng Road. There are a lot of delicious dishes on the first and second floors, and the variety is quite complete. For students who live in Yuehua Garden and whose class is in Liyun Building or Leyu Building, dining at Canteen One is very convenient.

Student Canteen Two

Student Canteen Two is located inside Yuehua Garden, near the 15th building of Yuehua Garden, surrounded by several dormitory buildings. Because of the geographical location of the canteen, there are usually fewer people, and it is easy to find a place to eat. Student Canteen Two, which reopened not long ago, has been renovated and the hardware facilities have been much improved, and also some businesses have been added on the first floor.

Student Canteen Three

Student Canteen Three is opposite to Haihua Garden One, close to Lize Building. It is the only canteen closest to a teaching building, so it is very convenient to buy a breakfast while catching the electric shuttle to class. Connected with Lakeside Restaurant, Longyuan Canteen, etc., there are many businesses such as McDonald’s that have settled in the area. Because it is very close to the teaching buildings and the dormitory buildings such as Haihua Garden and Yanhua Garden, there is a large flow of people.

Lakeside Restaurant

It was originally called Huitong Eatery and later renamed as Lakeside Restaurant. This side faces Lize Lake, backed by Student Canteen Three. In addition to serving as a place where students usually eat, it is also a good place for group discussions, meetings and dinners.

On-campus facilities

Student Community Office Hall

The main business

Receive hot water subsidies, hot water card top-up and card replacements

Transfer dormitory application and poster approval


Haihua Garden Nine first-floor

Office hours

Monday to Friday

8:00 a.m-12:00 p.m.

14:30-18:00 p.m.



The school infirmary


Haihua Garden Red House

(Behind Haihua Garden One, next to the Security Office)

Consulting time




Student Counselling and Mental Health Centre


The red-top cottage next to the International Office

(By the small football pitch)

Counselling time

Monday to Friday

9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

14:30-17:30 p.m.

Counselling Reservation Number


Telephone is on duty from Monday to Friday

8:30-12:00 a.m.

14:30-18:00 p.m.

Campus Network Service Center

Operator office address

Haihua Garden Two Buildings on the 1st floor

Business hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00-18:30

Saturday and Sunday: 9:00-12:00



Student Community Guide

Property Service Center

Tel: 0756-6126675

Property Services & Supervisory Complaints

Smart Meter Services

Tel: 6126207 or 6126215

Power Supply Business Consulting

Hot water Company

Tel: 6128102

Hot water supply consulting & Solar equipment warranty

Campus network broadband

Tel: 3622123

Network repair, consultation and complaints

Haimeng Tenement

Tel: 6128686

Repair, complaints and recommended telephone

Traffic Routes

Buses passing BNU at Zhuhai: Bus No. 10A, 69, 70, 72A, K3, B9

Arrangements for pick-up guidelines

On the day of freshmen registration, the school has guide stations at Zhuhai long-distance bus station, airport, light rail station, port, etc. 

Special note:

(1) Students and parents who arrive at Guangzhou Railway Station and Guangzhoudong Railway Station can go to the nearest Guangzhou Liuhua Bus Station, Guangdong Bus Station, and Bus Passenger Station in Guangzhoudong Railway Station to Zhuhai at their own expense. Students and parents who take the bus to the school can get off at the Tangjia Bus Station, which has volunteer guidance and transfer vehicles. (Bus frequency: Bus Passenger Station in Guangzhoudong Railway Station, Guangzhou-Zhuhai, 06:55-20:40, every 15 minutes, consultation telephone: 020-87705008, 020-87705009; Guangzhou Liuhua Station, Guangzhou-Zhuhai, 05: 30-21:00, every 15-20 minutes, consultation telephone: 020-86684259; Guangdong Bus Station, Guangzhou-Zhuhai, 06:50-21:00, every 40 minutes, consultation telephone: 020- 86661297)

(2) Students and parents who arrive at Guangzhounan Railway Station and transfer to Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Rail Transit (“Guang - Zhu Urban Rail”) to the school, first purchase tickets and get off at Tangjiawan Railway Station. The school arranges volunteer guidelines and transfer vehicles. Due to the low frequency of vehicles in Tangjiawan Station, please consult the specific time in advance. If you cannot purchase a ticket to Tangjiawan Railway Station, you can get off at Zhuhai Railway Station on the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Metro Line. The school will arrange volunteer guidance and transfer vehicles. The school does not arrange volunteers and transfer vehicles at other urban rail stations in Zhuhai, so you can arrange your own transportation to the school by yourselves. Booking telephone number: 95105105, 96020088. Booking website: www.12306.cn.

(3) Those who arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport or Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport by plane can choose a direct bus to Zhuhai in the arrival hall of the airport and get off at the Tangjia Bus Station in Zhuhai (refer to the time shown in the table above) and transfer for a bus to school. (Guangzhou Airport Express Direct Bus consultation telephone: 020-86122102, 0756-21816222, 2181623; Shenzhen Airport - Zhuhai Bus, 08:00-19:20, consultation telephone: 0755-23453501, 88895000)

Warm Tips

1. In Zhuhai, having an umbrella is very important! Zhuhai’s changeable weather makes it necessary to carry an umbrella with you, whether it is sunny or rainy.

2. Prepare some medical supplies such as band-aids and cold medicines daily. Especially for freshmen from the north, they may not adapt to the humid environment in Zhuhai and may have uncomfortable symptoms. Please go to the infirmary (a red house opposite to Haihua Garden One) in time.

3. In Zhuhai, not only is sunscreen essential, but also medicinals to prevent mosquito bites, such as mosquito repellent.

4. Take a photo of your bank card (campus card) as a backup, so that even if you lose it, it is easier to retrieve it through the photo (this method is suitable for other important personal items as well).

5. In addition to accommodation fees and tuition fees, the bank card also needs to reserve a portion of the amount to use for electric shuttle rides, meals, charging fees, etc.

6. The school’s express delivery points are scattered. When shopping online, you must pay attention to the exact address you fill in for the dormitory area (after all, running from Haihua Garden to Yuehua Garden to get express delivery is not a nice thing).