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Light and shadow that are rarely noticed in BNU Zhuhai

While light and shadow intermix

Time slowly slips away

The light and shadow in BNU Zhuhai freeze every moment

The joy in your eyes when looking back

May not be noticed by yourself

But the shadow behind you captures all

Lend your hand to light up


The warm light shines all over the school roads that we pass everyday

Wondering why

Such familiar scenes

Take on new looks under different lights and shadows

Light always brings a pleasant surprise

With a touch of warmth in our monotonous and repetitive lives


Tree shadows whirling, light breeze blowing

Leaves are elves belonging to the tree

And projectors belonging to the building

Plain white walls are occasionally dreary

But luckily, on them climbs the shadow of trees

These shadows embellish the walls

Decorate the bricks and tiles

And dress up our BNU Zhuhai



The driver is shouting "one more to go"

The credit card reader in the front is ringing "transaction succeeded"

I am hurrying into the shuttle car after waiting in a long line

The sunlight is falling on my face

Finally, the electric commuter is moving forward



In the afternoon classroom

A beam of light touches the table and chair quietly


If lights and shadows are also eager to absorb nutrients and knowledge from the class?



The corridor that connects two parts of Lize Building

Is bathed in light and shadow everyday

Bright white and warm yellow lights alternately appear

Warming every passing figure



The air is crisp as if it has been washed

The sky is blue as if it has been painted

Clouds in Guangdong hardly don’t live in the sky

But today, they start to play hide and seek

As if to leave some room for the baking-hot sun

See light and shadow in subtle places



There are dispersed railings on campus

They are easily neglected but conscientious

The sun comes out from light but returns to dust and stars




The shadow of the railing is cast on the steps one by one

Two objects in different planes can meet at a certain moment because of sunlight

They are accompanied by silence typically

But occasionally here comes the hustle and bustle




Panes are composed of simple lines

But they always bring different favors

Windows change shapes as the day and night mingle

Like a handover ceremony

Sparse light and shadow comes from all directions

Aesthetics implication echoes around the campus

//04 building

The lake reflects the shadow of everything

Every grass and tree

Every hill and mountain ridge

Shadow is inclusive to all, day and night

You can always see a different self in the reflection

The shadow of the tree, the cloud in the sky and Lize Building

All become amiable in the water

Shadow softens all when the sun and the moon alternate

The fixed light is between day and night

//01 dusk

On parasol-trees leaves a fine rain drizzles

As twilight grizzles

The curtain of night and the glow of sunset tear the sky

Light and shadow in a dance of balance

And they say to each other, in despair:

Will we make a worthy pair?

The light of dusk

Casts a filter on everything in the world

No matter how indifferent the their appearances are

People can be melted by the warmth at this hour



The pale yellow particles that look like granulated sugar are cast on the wall

In a trance, you can’t tell what light and shadow is

As if they exist as one

Complement each other and can’t live solitarily

//02 window

Windows in BNU Zhuhai are wise men

No matter what happens, they keep standing still

Witnessing all the stories happening outside and within

They are alone and lonely

Making their most anticipated moment be when shadows come out

//03 night


The lake at night is quiet

Silent and calm, but with occasional ripples

The shadow is reflected there

As if it is enjoying its alone time

If the shadow during the day is blatant

Then it is cautious and careful at night

It still follows you every step of the way

But can only be found under streetlamp, in the moonlight

Where there is light, there is shadow

Where there is you, there is light

BNU Zhuhai under the intertwined light and shadow is colorful and dramatic

Holding the light in the palm of the hand

Converging the shadow behind

We have plenty of time

To walk slowly in BNU Zhuhai

To feel the light and shadow