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The god beast of Lize Lake has something to say to you

In BNU Zhuhai

There are many cute elves

Living Duck in Lize Lake is one of them

Although it is very shy

Often hides in the water and observes from afar

Yet the students' life and growth

was not missed


It wrote a letter specifically for everyone

Let’s listen to the voice of Ducks together


Dear BNUers:

     How are you!

     I don’t know what you are doing when you read this letter. How have you been recently?

     I am a duck, live in Lize Lake, usually have no chance to talk to you, but I actually have a lot to say!

     The plan for a day lies in the morning. I can always see my friends who come to my door to practice in the morning, and I often start a beautiful day in the sound of recitations that I don’t understand. Sometimes I will quietly respond to it. “Quack,” “Quack,” have you heard it?

People who come to practice voice

     Recently, I have developed a new hobby, which is to look at the feet of students. Everyone’s feet are so weird. Sometimes they are white and sometimes black. They can also draw rainbow stripes and smiley faces on them. I am really envious. I also want to draw smiley faces on my webbed feet so I will be very happy every day!

From Duck Perspective

     The time after lunch is probably the best time. The sun is shining on the body warmly, and it is quiet everywhere.

     In this quiet and soft time, some people will choose to take a nap, some people will choose to entertain, and I often prefer to think aimlessly.

Thinking about the life of a duck in the afternoon

     By the way, do you think that the environment of Lize Lake is getting better and better recently? The school cleaners are seriously taking care of the lakeside environment. In addition, students’ awareness of environmental protection is getting better and better. There is basically no dirt on the reeds and lotus leaves. These places are already the best treasures where our ducks can sleep.

Clear Lize Lake with fallen leaves floating

     Every time I am stuffed, my good friend takes me for a walk, slowly strolling around the lake three times, talking about the gossip in the group of ducks by the way, and quietly seeing what new faces appear on the bench by the lake today. It’s really pleasant!


     The ducks in Dragonfly Bay next to the library talked to us on the phone yesterday. They said that discussions and laughter often came from the beautiful white building next to the lake. Maybe everyone is doing homework, or maybe friends meet up for coffee and a chat in the small building. This kind of atmosphere makes me passionate.

     Therefore, our Lize Lake group often gathers together to discuss academic and practical topics such as fish catching and paddling. I also discovered in the process that group activities can really exercise various abilities!

Have a group discussion with friends

     The green electric shuttles are full of students, roaring past with honking horns. There are couples or friends on the bench chatting happily, laughing and watching. Seeing them so happy, I also want to wag my tail.

The toot electric shuttle

     Many times, I see you are full of vitality, so I really want to flap my wings and applaud for you! But sometimes I also see haggard and discouraged students, probably because life is too busy.

     I want to say that difficult tasks and upsetting things will pass one day, and no matter how many DDLs will be ticked one by one to complete, everything is heading in a good direction. Don’t worry!

Practice swimming diligently

     If you feel sad and depressed sometimes, please sit on a bench near my house! Look at the furry reeds and gentle blooming lotus flowers, you will feel that you have also become gentle, and then trouble will be swept away!

Reeds next to my house

The blooming lotus flower by the lake

     Whenever I hear the song of the sprinkler, I get greatly excited! I really hope you can go to see it. The water in the sun will become very different. There will be a beautiful rainbow and a cool wind will blow. At this time, as long as you take a deep breath, the mood of unhappiness will be swept away! In a sentence I’ve heard before, “Today’s unhappy feeling stops here, tomorrow is another energetic day!”

    It’s coming to the end of the letter! It is said that “the spring river plumbing duck is a prophet.” You are welcome to come and play with me, I won’t hide in the water anymore! You are also welcome to reply to me!


Ducks which like Lize Lake and prefer BNU

November, 2020

Ducklings also have their own concept of life

not to mention us

Looked at the world from another angle

You can find the cuteness of life

Believe that with the encouragement of Lize Lake Duck

Everyone can be full of energy

Facing tomorrow more positively

Come visit Lize Lake often when you have time

Looking forward to hearing from you