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The 15th “Future Education International Salon” held at BNU Zhuhai

On the evening of February 27, the 15th session of the Future Education International Salon, sponsored by the College of Education for the Future of Beijing Normal University, was successfully held. Professor Xiangen Hu, a tenured professor at The University of Memphis and Dean of the School of Psychology at Central China Normal University, was invited to this event. Professor Hu talked about the topic of "Self-improving adaptive instructional systems".

Professor Hu introduced the background of the researcher's focus on the Self-adaptive instructional system and pointed out that SIAIS is a self-improvable, self-improvability, and self-improving adaptive instructional systems. Each learner has an optimal learning environment, and the current learning environment will continue to improve with the advancement of human learning theory and technology. In order to help students achieve greater success, we intend to offer them individualized, "one-on-one" instruction through intelligent tutoring systems. The symmetry of human learners, self-improving learning resources, and their interaction in this system were just a few of the theoretical concepts he explained while proposing a four-part framework for SIAIS. This framework makes it possible to study SIAIS and human learners in new ways.

Professor Hu applied the cutting edge of his extensive knowledge of  intelligent technology at the conclusion of the event, focusing on the hotspot of ChatGPT from the level of practical application as an observer, and discussed the impact of ChatGPT on SIAIS from an interdisciplinary perspective in multiple dimensions. The audience engaged Professor Hu in conversation, and he replied with precise comments and answers from a professional standpoint based on his own research expertise. Warm applause marked the salon's conclusion.