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Dr. John Smagula, Deputy Dean at Temple University Law School, Visited School Libraries at BNU Zhuhai

On Nov.3, Dr. John Smagula, Deputy Dean at Temple University law school, and Ms. Yang Chen, Programme Director of Tsinghua University Office of Temple- Tsinghua Law School Programme, visited the school libraries at Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNU Zhuhai).Tian Xinling, Deputy Director of the school libraries, Sun Hongyou, Associate Professor and Director of the Compliance Research Center (Compliance Center), and the staff of the research center received the guests.

The two sides discussed the feasibility of the collaboration and reached a preliminary consensus on the cooperation, marking a definite step in the internationalization of the libraries at BNU Zhuhai.

Tian Xinling gave a brief explanation over the plan “ One University, Two Campuses“ of BNU, and an overview of the current development of the school libraries, including two in use and one under construction. Then she introduced to the visitors the floor space, collection resource configuration and job divisions of the librarians.

Dr. John Smagula and Ms. Yang Chen then shared their views on the library compliance in the USA and the importance of the establishment of the Compliance Research Center of a library. In terms of the development concept of the Compliance Center, Dr. John Smagula believes that as far as the system setting of the Library Compliance Center is concerned, it is crucially important to improve and advocate the development concept of the Compliance Center of university libraries, strengthen the international collaboration and exchange of university libraries of the whole world, leading the Library Compliance Center to its internationalization.

Associate Professor Hu Xuemei, Dr. Liu Zhi, Professor Alex Kocsis from Canada, and Professor Michael Rechardson from the United Kingdom discussed the purpose and objectives of the Compliance Center, including the intellectual property protection, the ways to prevent the infringement which may take place in libraries, and the legal support from the Compliance Center for the disputes arising from the use of databases in university libraries. According to Professor Kocsis, the setting up of the Compliance Center in the library has a pioneering significance.

Sun Hongyou made a summary on the meeting. He emphasized that the establishment of the Compliance Center of the library highlights the international vision of the library management and governance and the service concept of keeping pace with the times, which is of domestic significance of innovation. In addition, the establishment of the Compliance Center has made a meaningful attempt for the school libraries in the aspects of digital copyright protection, collection digitization and document delivery risk prevention, and has also provided a reference for the compliance research and the governance of university libraries in the Greater Bay Area. It is hoped that the Compliance Center can create a new situation in internationalization in the future.

After the meeting, the visitors and experts visited the reading rooms of foreign language books and the special collection in the main library.