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Transformation completed! Check out the first batch of smart classroom demonstration projects!

       The first batch of smart classrooms provides large multimedia equipment, such as automatic recording system, live broadcast, LED display, touch control integrated machines etc., which can conduct real-time interaction with long distance audio-visual transition and computer signals. The movable desks and chairs are convenient to arrange and combine according to the instructional needs. Through the wireless projection system, students can not only see the teaching content on the screen, but also project the group's presentation in real time during class discussion.

Classrooms with recording, broadcasting and group discussion functions, such as Liyun B301-B303 classroom

Dust-free electronic blackboard

Arrange the tables and chairs freely

The upgraded Liyun A112 lecture theater is newly equipped with high- definition LED display screen,

which makes it available for teaching, ceremonies, subject reports and other purposes

In the meantime, more than 4000 desks and chairs have been rebuilt in teaching buildings such as Lijiao building, Lize building and Leyu building. And three computer classrooms (available for 230 students) were constructed using professional graphics workstations. One hardware classroom for language learning (available for 90 students) was reconstructed to meet the needs of high-quality phonetic teaching.

The upgraded ring tone system shows stability, professionalism and high- efficiency. It solves the problem of high cost, difficult maintenance and poor replacement of the original highly integrated ring tone system, adding splendor to the improvement of campus culture.


The professional graphics workstation classrooms in Lize building


The renewed classroom in Lijiao building

On the basis of the requirements in The Quality Assurance Program of Personnel Training, Zhuhai campus will increase the investment and strengthen the guarantee of teaching conditions, building a first-rate learning and teaching environment.