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BNU Zhuhai Midnight Diner | Let those delicacies lightened your night time

Breakfast awakes people from a deep sleep

Midnight snacks save people from exhaustion

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a delicacy never fails to bring us warmth and comfort.

Tonight, we will show you around the BNUZhuhai midnight diners at No.18, Jinfeng Road and recall the flavors that have supported us during the late night hours.

Fried Chicken



Fireworks explode in the mind the moment we open the box with fried chicken.

Sauces and dressings on it look so alluring.

Crisp skin with tantalizing aroma and chewy meat with abundant juice bring about full satisfaction.

What will happen to your face after taking in so much tasty fried food?

A wide and shining smile.

What is the correct order of eating fried chicken?

Turn on your favorite variety show first.

Then a cup of ice Coke bubbling lively.

A night with crunches is ready to begin.

Baked Sweet Potato


We look forward to winter for the scent of warmth along with the cold wind.

We look forward to summer for the happiness along with the bite of sweet potatoes.

You are bound to be hooked on the lusciousness immediately you leave the teaching building.

A delicious and still hot sweet potato carries extreme delight at a chill night.

Gobbling up them is the honey within our reach.

Instant Noodles

In the midnight, nothing could better encourage us than pot-noodles for one.

It is the simple food that easily conquers our stomach.

Noodles bearing power and finesse,

Fish and beef balls rolling over with joy,

Lettuce stretching itself.

It is time for a feast when the soup becomes thick and fragrant.

The soul won’t be empty with a full stomach.

Bittern Food

Likable ducks are born to be eaten.

The best choice to release our sick of food is a plate of spicy and glamorous bittern food.

Meat and vegetables, sweetness and spiciness, are all in readiness.

You will fall in love with each and every dish.

Children struggle to make a decision, while adults take it all.

Roasted Chestnuts


Plastic bags get misted.

Boiling hot chestnuts are enjoying a roll with freedom.

‘Oh my god, so hot’!

Friends surround them with rustlings of the package.

‘Why is it so hard to strip off that shell’?

‘Come on, let me help you. You need to create a crack first’.

With a clear sound, the nut comes out.

It is sweeter than mine.

I am sure you will unwittingly think of that when enjoying the whole chestnut.


Maybe oden is a buffet of small scale.

Different sticks stay in different pungent boxes.

One for you and one for me.

Enjoy the oden together.

Box Cakes

The desire for dessert arises at night, along with the fear of caloric intake.

That’s where buddies come in.

Oreo with sea salt or layer cake with fruit and cream?

Or double smell?

The calories will be scared away with friends sharing the little cake.

Enjoy the meal together.

Both the lover sitting behind you, and the food you like in the bowl add color and hope to your life.


Hotpots can satisfy every wish for food with its feature that all things could be dumped into it.

The soup has bubbled up.

Steam rises from the pot.

The strainer keeps being passed.

Chopsticks and bowls strike each other.

Let the hotpot boil the bad mood away.

Life gets refreshed again.


At night, barbecue is always a challenge for will power.

Mouths water as it sizzles greasily.

Stewed honey and chili powder for chicken wings.

Chopped green onions and minced garlic for eggplants.

Beads of quail eggs look lovely!

Sparrowgrass and small steamed buns feature extra flavor.

Barbecue is not a crime for nighttime food-hunters.

In reverse, its true delight.

Pork Stomach and Chicken.

We may as well put away the pork-and-chicken problem.

In short, it is the optimal choice for regimen people.

The pork stomach is crisp and dainty.

The chicken is delicate and tender.

Medlar and red dates are the symbols of a healthy life.

Unique pepper enriches flavor of the herbal cuisine.

White and tasty juice guarantees the essence.

A bowl of soup is necessary before meat.

Toast the people and life warm-hearted as pork stomach and chicken.

The coldness of night fades with the clink of glasses.


Soothes the soul with the taste of normal life.

All the pressure and trouble go away with the haze.

Every night healed by delicacy may seem ordinary.

However, our five-flavored life is no longer complete without it.